Reach the Light’ 08DEC2023

The third and last release of a series of three that we planned for this Fall/Winter is Reach The Light, a soulful & rocky ballad, due to be released on Friday, December 8th.

They never meant to write a Christmas song, but Max M. Lueders -together with co-wrtiter guitarist Johannes Döbertin- does admit that this particular song has some elements that reflect the themes, often referred to during ‘The Holiday Season’. And the very last chord sounds like a heavenly church bell disappearing in infinity. How Spiritual can one get?

The lyrics are about our conscious and subconscious attempts to better understand the meaning of our existence. What do our life’s challenges lead up to?

Max, in his own words: ’We’re all becoming older. Family, friends, relationships, loved ones: they come and go. We meet, but then loose contact or -worst case- contact becomes impossible. Sometimes these losses are acceptable, but far more often it is difficult to let go.

We are challenged to embrace changes and to create changes. Gradually we grasp bits of their meanings, of what our destination is, of where our life journey leads up to – literally and in spiritual ways. But will we ever really know?’

Written by Max M. Lueders and Johannes Döbertin

Contributions by Max M. Lueders (lead vocals, guitar), Koen van Baal (guitars, keys, bass, backing vocals, programming), Johannes Döbertin (lead guitar), Mike Roelofs (Hammond), Franc auf dem Brinke (drums, backing vocals)

Produced by Franc auf dem Brinke & Koen van Baal for The Baarn Project. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Holger Schwedt at Shamrock Studios Baarn, The Netherlands. Released by John Weijers, Moonriver Music.

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