Max M. Lueders composition MEMORIES has been released on July 30th as the second single.
It is the very first song we picked up on with our -at that time- brand new team including arranger & coproducer Koen van Baal, renown studio tech Holger Schwedt, guitarist Leendert Haaksma, bassist Ilse de Vries, background vocalists Dedre Twiss & Simone Pormes and producer & drummer Franc auf dem Brinke.
The intimate yet extraverted song about lost times, endless summers and infinite sense of freedom is literally the creation that sparked our believe in this wonderful project.
And the timing was and is perfect. We hope the music of The Baarn Project helps all of you listeners, lovers of good music and fans to get through these troubling times!
Memories soundtrack on Spotify
Memories videoclip on Youtube

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