CLEAR AGAIN (released 14JAN2022)

Nice medium tempo, lovely groove. The chorus definitely has a solid ‘earwurm’-quality.
At first ‘hear’ Clear Again seems a ‘Don’t worry, be Happy’ kind of tune. ‘All good, let’s go surfin’’, that kind of thing. But the storytelling here is a bit deeper. Max: ‘Classic love story theme: ‘all was good in a longer relationship – but you went astray for a bit. Now you trying to get back into it and that takes a bit of time before you are trusted again – but luckily you are being given a second chance. And life is Clear Again.’ Happy this one had a happy ending!;-)
The amazing musicians that shared their amazing artistry in this pool-project so generously: Koen (arrangements, guitars, keys, bass, string programming) | Dedre, Simone, Lo & Baer (backing vocals) | Leendert Haaksma (guitars) | Franc (drums) | Recorded, mixed & mastered by Holger Schwedt at Shamrock Studios, Baarn | Management & label: John Weijers’ Moonriver Music.


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