TBP records in the Shamrock Studios, Baarn and involves a fine selection of international musicians.

The Baarn Project  is a project that we have been fully committed to -with zero budget- since the summer of 2020. Writing songs, arranging, recording. The music is inspired by the 70’s & 80’s. The musicians and crew are some of the best you can get. Since early July 2021 we’re releasing our songs on Spotify and other platforms. And we’re performing whenever possible of course!


Max M. Lueders – vocals, guitar Dedre Twiss & Simone Pormes, Lo van Gorp, Baer Traa – backing vocals Leendert Haaksma, Bas van der Wal, Johannes Doebertin – lead&rhythm guitars Koen van Baal – arrangements, keyboards, guitar Mike Roelofs – keyboards Ilse de Vries, Boudewijn Lucas – electric bass Franc auf dem Brinke – drums and percussion Holger Schwedt – recording, mixing, mastering Flors Vlaanderen – ass. audio engineer John Twigt – video recording & editing Wolfgang Maiwald – add. video editing