A Song In My Heart is an intimate soulful folksong about uncontrollable butterflies and the ‘Butterfly Effect’. About falling in love and feeling vulnerable.

Max: ‘This song illustrates the turmoil of uncontrollable butterflies in your stomach. We’ve all been there, I presume. Quite complicated also when you are in a relationship for instance. All of a sudden you are in love with someone else and it is impossible to let go of the ecstatic momentum. But you’re clearly not ready to go down this new path (yet) for all kinds of reasons. The helpless feeling of needing the other person to cross the line. From experience I know this doesn’t really work. You will have to jump all by yourself. If ever…’

Contributions by Max M. Lueders (lead vocals, guitar), Leendert Haaksma (lead guitars), Koen van Baal (keys, guitars, bass, backing vocals, string arrangements), Anri Coza (backing vocals), Franc auf dem Brinke (vintage drums, percussion, backing vocals), Marieke de Bruijn (violin), Jos Teeken (cello).

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Holger Schwedt at Shamrock Studios Baarn, The Netherlands. Released by John Weijers, Moonriver Music.

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