We are very excited to announce our upcoming third single release. This composition -again written by Max M. Lueders- titled ‘Taste of Fall’ could be described as a traditional medium, popsong in a groovy, comfy -yet luxurious- autumn coat. The strings and slide guitars take you to the traditional hometowns and often overwhelming nature of the American Mid West, all set in the fading colours of the early 80’s of the last century.
November 19th ‘Taste of Fall’ will be at your disposal in all major streaming platforms. Listen, like, share and let us know what you think!
The amazing musicians that shared their amazing artistry with us so generously: Koen (arrangements, guitars, keys, bass, string programming) | Dedre, Simone, Lo & Baer (backing vocals) | Leendert Haaksma (guitars) | Franc (drums) Recorded, mixed & mastered by Holger Schwedt at Shamrock Studios, Baarn Management & label: John Weijers’ Moonriver Music


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